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We have won a 2022 Top-Rated Award from @GreatNonprofits (#GreatNP2022)! Read inspiring stories about us and add your own!

Thank you to everyone who donated via Facebook, snail mail and webmail! We raised $1,500 - enough to repair one of our 12 Cars of Christmas that had a smaller repair than our normal $2,500. Watch for photos of the recipient in their car!

Veteran's Day Car Presentation

Check out our news story that aired on ABC Action News about our Vehicles for Veterans Program to celebrate Veteran’s Day! Special thanks to the donor of the car who specified she wanted it to go to a veteran and the funder, SolartTek Window Tinting, Inc. who donated funds for the car repairs.

ABC Action News

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month supported by our Road to Independence Program. Did you know we started out in The Family Justice Center in Tampa because the majority of our referrals were domestic violence related? While we have added several more programs, domestic violence still remains our largest category of referrals. How sad that nothing has changed in almost twenty years to lessen this problem. This month we have already put two DV survivors into vehicles and hope to do one more before the month ends. Do you have a car to donate that will enable a survivor to escape their abuser and become self-sufficient? You can specify that in your donation.

Read EJ's story:
Ej is a 23 year-old single mom of a 2 year old daughter who had to flee a domestic violence situation. Since that time, EJ has had to deal with numerous hurdles from working a night shift and not seeing her daughter until late in the evenings, coordinating child care and a host of other transportation issues. From using Ubers and walking long treks to her daughter’s school it had taken its toll on her finances and making ends meet. To make matters worse, she was unable to leave her domestic abuse situation because she had no way to get to work or other basic necessities - she was basically trapped in this frightening situation.

Success Story

Every Dollar Counts

For the month of September, Wheels of Success is the charity of choice at the Odessa Gunn Highway Winn-Dixie location. Wheels will receive $1 when you purchase a reusable bag. However - and ANY Winn-Dixie you can write our name in on the tag for us to receive a $1 donation per bag purchased. Winn-Dixie grocery stores, has relaunched its Community Bag and Giving Tag Program with the debut of new, vibrant reusable bag designs to continue to empower customers to support local organizations with the purchase of a reusable bag.

David Gets His Wheels

Our latest Wheels recipient, David - a single dad received his 2010 Chevy HHR last week! Due to some technical issues we couldn’t get it to him for Father’s Day which was our intent. It’s David’s son’s birthday so it was great that he had the car to take his son out on a special outing to celebrate. David learned about us from our appearance on the Queen Latifah show in 2014 click here for video For some reason, he remembered that episode. When he needed a car, losing his due to the pandemic, he reached out to us and started the application process through his employer.

Note: Since the Queen Latifah appearance, we’ve more than doubled the number of cars and car related services provided.

We’re Moving and Expanding!

Unless you’re a Gator fan (Class of ’71) you may have been put off by this color scheme. We were able to see potential here beyond the colors.
Our new home will be at 13116 N. Florida Avenue just south of Fletcher, with both our office and space for 60 cars. Thanks to a generous 3-year donation, we are able to remodel both the inside and out. We hope it will be ready to move in by mid July, depending on the supply chain.

Watch the transformation on our social media as it progresses.

June is National Home Ownership Month

Patty Campbell, VP of Outreach with #HabitatforHumanityHillsboroughCounty shares a story about how collaboration is the key to success.

“Habitat services those who are at or below 80% area median income. The family that earned a place in our program was homeless when I first met them, they worked very hard, performed their sweat equity, did everything required to maintain good standing in our program, and very close to the end, when their home was almost complete, their vehicle broke down, needed thousands of dollars in repairs. Had it not been for Wheels of Success they never would have been able to close their home, they would not be able to get to work, they would not receive an income, they would no longer qualify for the home. We are so pleased to say that this family has been in their home for over a year now, with the help and ability to maintain their income, thanks to the presentation of a van for the family from Wheels of Success.”

This is just one of several families that were able to get into a home because of a partnership with Wheels of Success.

Grant Continues to Overcome!

Grant S. is no stranger to overcoming challenges. His story stands out, even among the hundreds of lives that a car from Wheels of Success has impacted…

Success Story


12 Cars of Christmas

We unofficially ended our 12 Cars of Christmas on Christmas morning at Metropolitan Ministries with Elder Ford and Forever 55 (NFL) presenting a brand new car. We say unofficially as we still have a few of our recipients to get into their vehicles because of title or insurance issues that are in the process of being resolved. Thank you to all the funders who made this possible. We couldn’t do this without our car donors and community partners! It’s not too late to donate your car for 2020 and get credit on your 2020 taxes if you call us for pickup by December 30th!

Press Release


Wheels of Success’ BUILD-A-CAR program allows individuals or teams to “adopt” a car to get it road ready. The average cost to repair and recondition a donated car is $3000. 

More Details

12 Cars of Christmas

December 14, 2017
Gold & Diamond Source Holiday Party
Private Party Invitation Only 

Waiting for Wheels: Nikita

Nikita is in desperate need of a reliable vehicle as soon as possible to remain employed.

Nikita is a veteran and single mother who was referred to Wheels of Success through Metropolitan Ministries. Her car has been broken down for over 3 months and is not worth repairing, so Nikita struggles to get to work daily. She does everything she can to get to work, whether it is taking the bus or getting rides from co-workers but she is on final notice from her employer because of her transportation issues.

Due to lack of transportation she and her 3 children are displaced and do not have their own safe place to live. She is in desperate need of a reliable vehicle as soon as possible to remain employed. With a reliable vehicle she will be able to get to work, regain her independence and hopefully find a place to call home for her and her children.

Waiting for Wheels: Shaka

Shaka, an applicant "Waiting for Wheels", is a single mother of 5 children and in desperate need of a vehicle. Two of her children have mental disabilities that require many medical and therapeutic appointments. She struggles daily to get to work and take her children to their necessary appointments. Through no fault of her own, Shaka lost her transportation when she was in a severe auto accident which totaled her vehicle. Her injuries from the accident healed slowly, but she still managed to continue working full time.

A "New to Her" vehicle will help Shaka be able to work more hours earning more money, with the potential of receiving a promotion. Her "Keys to Success" will help her maintain her independence; provide better support and a brighter future for her 5 children. With a "New to Her" vehicle from Wheels of Success, Shaka will also be able to take her children to appointments without the disruption and hours of time the 6 different buses she currently has to take causes.

This hard working mother of 5 is patiently "Waiting for Wheels" while working hard towards a better future for her and her children. Let's work together to get Shaka on the "Road to Success" with a "New to Her" vehicle as soon as possible.

Waiting for Wheels: Melinda
Vehicle for Veterans

Melinda served in the army from 1983 1992 in Germany and Korea feeding her fellow service members. After the military she became homeless but her relentless work ethic and spirit persevered. She obtained housing through the VA HUD/VASH program and has been stable in her own apartment for over a year. Melinda is working full time as a patient caregiver, often taking overnight shifts whenever offered to further help maintain her independence and financial stability. Getting to work is a daily struggle but she persists rain or shine taking 4 buses and riding many hours a day.

Melinda has been patiently waiting for her "New to Her" wheels since Feb but it should not be much longer since we have matched her with a vehicle and a BuildACar sponsor. Wheels will be placing her in a donated low mileage 2001 Acura CL once the repairs have been completed thanks to a grant from DAV Charitable Service Trust.


Waiting for Wheels: Kathy with the Contagious Positive Attitude and Urgent Need for a Vehicle

When Kathy attended our Car Care Class last Saturday we immediately noticed her contagious positive attitude and then discovered the urgency of her situation. She currently resides at Metropolitan Ministries with her children and is working hard and taking as many shifts as she can to be able to move out and get her own place to live. She works as is a medical assistant technician; her job requires her to travel throughout Tampa and Clearwater Beach every day. It is becoming impossible to do her job at all these locations if she has to continue depending on buses. Without a vehicle, she is afraid that she will lose her job working with one of Tampa's most prestigious hospitals. If she loses her job it would be a huge setback in her dream for her family's independence.... A small place of their own furnished by shopping at the Goodwill. All she needs for her dream to become a reality is her "Keys to Success"

Waiting for Wheels: Tanya's Story

Tanya (not her real name to protect her identity) currently resides in a residential program for young girls that are victims of human trafficking. They provide her with basic necessities, as well as treatment for alcohol and drug abuse. Through their Vocational Rehabilitation Services, she has landed a life changing position as an apprentice with a local florist. She works alongside their top designers creating everything from simple nosegays to intricate, formal arrangements.

The only problem is that the bus she takes to work each day drives through her old neighborhood, which is full of prostitutes, drugs and horrific memories. She wants to move on and not look back at her past life. Her dream is to own her first vehicle, and never have to travel through her old neighborhood again.

When Tanya receives her Wheels vehicle, she will be able to do just that. She will be promoted at her job and literally drive away from her past. With her vehicle from Wheels of Success, she may even open her own floral business one day.

Help Tanya by donating today to build-a-car

On the Road to Success with LaDelma:
In Her Own Words

Wheels of Success Receives 16 Cars on Queen Latifah Show!

Wish List

Wheels of Success always accepts vehicles, boats and RVs (running or not). We are also currently in need of:

  • Gift cards for Office Depot and Staples and Gas gift cards in any denomination
  • Volunteers for every day of the week
  • Laptop computer
  • Laser printer

If you can donate any of the items on our wish list please contact us.