Build a Car

Well, no, we don’t actually build a caror do we?

Started with seed money from the Lightning Foundation Community Hero Program, the Build a Car program is for donors who want to help “build” a car with their donation of any size. Their support allows Wheels of Success to rehabilitate vehicles to provide reliable transportation to low- and moderate-income working individuals who need a vehicle to move their lives forward.

There are a few steps to Build a Car, all of which rely on our valued sponsors, partners and donors:

  • First, a donor contacts us and completes our Vehicle Donation Application.
  • Or, in some cases, we may purchase a vehicle.
  • Once we identify what, if any, repairs and maintenance are required to restore the vehicle to good working condition, sponsors can support the cost – allowing us to “Build a Car.” Repair services are provided by our partners in the automotive industry. The average cost to restore a vehicle is $3,000, but the result is a well-functioning, reliable vehicle.
  • Whether you are an individual, service organization, car dealership or a company looking for a team building activity, you can help us Build a Car for a local family.
  • Donors may also fund specific repair or replacement items.

Wheels of Success offers our Build a Car sponsors the opportunity to present the vehicle to our client during an event at their place of business, which we promote through media.

Contact us today to help us Build a Car.