To be eligible for the program you must live and work in Hillsborough, Pinellas or Pasco Counties.
Must be working fulltime (32 hours minimum) or lost a job due to transportation and rehire contingent on transportation.

Give Someone the Keys to Success

Car Care Class

Regular Maintenance Keeps the Wheels Moving

Car Care Class - Under the Hood

Regular Maintenance Keeps the Wheels Moving

Vehicles for Veterans

Helps veterans re-enter the workforce after serving our country.

Road to Independence

Helps domestic violence victims escape abuse with transportation.

Wheels to the Future

Helps young people aging out of foster care.

Cars for Caregivers

Helps Direct Care Workers improve the lives of their patients.
What We Do

Keys to Success

Wheels of Success programs help people get behind the wheel so they can stay employed and continue on the road to success. Our general program helps the working poor – typically single moms or low income working families down on their luck — get back of their feet. They may have lost their financial stability through a major illness, loss of their job for an extended period of time, a car accident in which they did not have full coverage, or losing a spouse’s income while still retaining the same or more bills.

Success Story

“Thank you again! I named [my car] Sky not just because of her sky blue color but the “sky is the limit”

Suzanne, after receiving her State Farm 2009 Toyota Camry hybrid at our 10th Annual Working Wheels Keep Families Working Labor Day Event on September 4th, 2015.
Build a Car
Wheels of Success’ BUILD-A-CAR program allows individuals or teams to “adopt” a car to get it road ready. The average cost to repair and recondition a donated car is $3000.
Waiting on Wheels

Nikita’s Story

Nikita is in desperate need of a reliable vehicle as soon as possible to remain employed.

Nikita is a veteran and single mother who was referred to Wheels of Success through Metropolitan Ministries. Her car has been broken down for over 3 months and is not worth repairing, so Nikita struggles to get to work daily. She does everything she can to get to work, whether it is taking the bus or getting rides from co-workers but she is on final notice from her employer because of her transportation issues.

Due to lack of transportation she and her 3 children are displaced and do not have their own safe place to live. She is in desperate need of a reliable vehicle as soon as possible to remain employed. With a reliable vehicle she will be able to get to work, regain her independence and hopefully find a place to call home for her and her children.

News & Events

12 Cars of Christmas 2023

12 Cars of Christmas 2023

This year, we’re putting a different spin on our tradition by including major repairs on existing vehicles. However, we need your help since we are 2 cars down.

Upcoming Events & Car Presentations

› Four Course Wine Pairing Dinner
Monday, October 16, 2023
The Battery at Sparkman Wharf