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Eligibility Guidelines

Applicants must be working full time (at least 32 hours a week) or have a verifiable job offer to be considered and must be above poverty level (see poverty guideline standards).
Up to 250% above poverty level and not receiving government assistance other than:

  • Unemployment Compensation
  • Medicaid
  • Food Stamps

Must be employed or unable to return to work due to transportation issues. Proof of employment required via one of the following forms:

  • Employer verification
  • Pay stubs (2) verifying employment
  • W2 form from the previous year
  • Written offer of employment on company letterhead


  • Families with Child(ren)—Single Parent (Mother or Father) or an underemployed Couple with Child(ren)
  • Underemployed Working Poor who have no dependent children
  • Moderate Income Families who have no liquid resources and have suffered a catastrophic incident such as:
    • abusive relationship
    • accident
    • death of spouse
    • divorce
    • fire
    • hurricane
    • illness
    • loss of income
    • youths aging out of foster care


  • Must sign contract giving their verbal commitment to remain employed/or notification of termination (with reason).
  • Must agree to pay it forward a monthly set amount, based on income and 3 service hours per month
  • Must provide valid Florida driver’s license
  • Must provide proof of insurance (if applicable)
  • Agree to provide public testimonial (optional)
  • Must complete exit survey about the impact of participation in the program
  • Must attend car care class prior to receipt of vehicle

Must be referred by one of the following sources:

  • Social Service Agencies
  • Churches
  • Employers
  • Board Members

Applicants to be approved by Program Committee.