ChildNet/SafeNet Collaborative

The latest story comes from “Delpha,” a young mother who found herself suddenly caring for her deceased sister’s large family of children.

Testimonial: ChildNet/SafeNet Collaborative

We’ve heard many stories about Wheels of Success and how they have helped victims of domestic violence with transportation issues. The latest story comes from “Delpha”.

Testimonial: Amanda B.

Three years ago, at just 22 years of age, Amanda was three months pregnant with her first child. Going to cosmetology school, working, and shopping were her life; all was easy.

Testimonial: Allison Casper Adams

In 2006 Caspers Company entered into a partnership with Wheels of Success. We recognized the important significance reliable transportation plays in the lives of our employees.

Testimonial: Heather Steinfeld

I serve on the board for “Wheels of Success” as the 1st Vice President. I can tell you from first hand experience, that a little “help” from your community can go a long way!

Testimonial: Sandra Maggio

Who knew that a casual meeting with a woman on a mission and a need for me to want to give back to the community would hit so close to home.

Testimonial: Sharon Schur

As a volunteer for a number of community charitable organizations, I am acutely aware of personal transportation’s role in keeping struggling members of our community employed and healthy.

Testimonial: Frank Sanchez

I have been acquainted with Wheels of Success since its inception. I have seen how it has progressed with only private donations, fundraising efforts, and an all volunteer staff.

Testimonial: Alisa Jenkins

I’ve followed Wheels of Success since its inception and have witnessed the tremendous impact it has on families in need. Susan Jacobs’ vision and drive changes lives.

Testimonial: Tampa Connection

Wheels of Success is such a worthwhile organization for those in need of car care services. Tampa Connection, a leadership group, chose Wheels of Success as one of its projects for the 2004-2005 year.