Caspers Company Newsletter: Wheels of Success

Caspers Company recently partnered with a non profit organization called Wheels of Success. The founder of the organization is Susan Jacobs. While working as a recruiter for a temp agency, Susan recognized that many potential employees were having a hard time keeping good jobs because of a lack of transportation. She decided to do something about it! She founded Wheels of Success to help make sure people who are already employed don’t lose their job because they don’t have transportation.

Wheels of Success does this by providing reliable vehicles and/or car care services to people who already have a job. The organization obtains vehicles through purchase or donation, and restores them to good running condition. Depending on an employee’s transportation needs, Wheels of Success will provide a dependable vehicle or help with car repairs.

Employees receiving a vehicle “buy” it from the program by making monthly payments based on their ability to pay. They also donate five hours of service monthly to the program. The donations help Wheels of Success to continue its mission and to provide services for others.

It didn’t take long for Susan’s great idea to catch on. She was even featured on Bay News 9. To date, Wheels of Success has donated 100 cars to people in the community.

Caspers Company is proud to help this wonderful organization and at the same time help our own employees find reliable transportation. Two of our assistant managers have received cars from Wheels of Success this year. We hope to continue to help many more with this great partnership! You can find out more information about Wheels of Success online at or talk to your area supervisor.

Allison Casper Adams