CommuniCause 2009

Winn-Dixie Community Bags

MindComet provides non-profit organizations free agency services and donations. This year this social networking organization launched CommuniCause, allowing America to help select the organization to receive a Social Media Makeover valued at $25,000. In the last year, Wheels helped 40% (200) of the nearly 500 families served in our six years in existence. This statistic is representative of the critical plateau we have reached in our growth. The services being awarded by MindComet could not come at a better time for the individuals we seek to serve. Please help us overcome our slow start in this race that began on April 27th, we are asking that you vote and ask others to vote (see link on our home page). A winner will be randomly selected from the top ten charities receiving the most votes. We like the one in ten odds but need YOU to get to that point! A media makeover would be timely in publicizing our mission, needs and success — allowing us to get many more families on the road again in these difficult economic times. VOTING CLOSES on JULY 31st at 11:59pm EDT! We appreciate your vote for Wheels.