FOX 13: Old Cop Cars Get New Lives for Single Moms

LARGO – They were tears of joy and complete shock.

Cari Frounfelter and Richelle Shelton got the surprise of their lives. Friday morning, they were each handed the keys to a car — their car.

They were selected as part of the Wheels of Success program. It’s a new program that helps single parents become more independent.

Frounfelter has a 2-year-old boy and a baby on the way. She escaped an abusive relationship and moved to Florida.

“I’ve been through so much. And I needed transportation so bad. And this is just so great,” she exclaimed.

Five cars, set to be auctioned off, were donated by the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office. They used to be unmarked police cruisers.

Richelle Shelton, meanwhile, has four kids. She was just diagnosed with a disease that causes ovarian cancer. She had to take three busses just to get to her doctor’s appointment.

“I haven’t been able to work or really get around. So, this is just a blessing.”

The program is a partnership between the sheriff’s office, The sheriff’s Police Athletic League, and the Greater Ridgecrest Area Youth Development Initiative.

The families still must get insurance before they can officially own the cars. They also must take courses in budgeting, life skills, and maintenance of their car.

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