FOX 13: Program Helps Full-time Workers Get Reliable Cars

Not every family who needs transportation can afford it, but a Bay Area group is helping ease the financial stress of car ownership in a big way.

Megal Williams is 29-years-old, works as a electrician’s apprentice and can now drive himself to his job, thanks to Wheels of Success.

The Tampa non-profit group gives donated cars to people who need them.

Now, Williams doesn’t have to rely on a bus to get where he needs to go.

“I’m very appreciative,” Megal said about the car Wheels of Success provided him. “A car, to me, means a lifeline. In the morning, my trip to work took about an hour and half, two hours, depending on traffic. Now, with this, it took me 15 minutes.”

Wheels of Success has provided 1,500 vehicles to people who working full time and need transportation for family or medical reasons.

Susan Jacobs runs Wheels of Success. She said having affordable, reliable transportation is a necessity many take for granted.

“It’s a life changing experience for most people, because they are walking or taking public transportation that’s taking them hours,” Susan said.

The program is a hand up, not a hand out. Those who receive a donated vehicle have to contribute $100 a month for one year to the program, which Wheels of Success uses to to repair and maintain donated and gifted vehicles.

“Everybody working that comes to us, they’re already helping themselves. They just need that little last push so that they can become totally independent,” Susan explained. “One of the things that I always wanted to do was take my son to the beach.” Megal added. “I really couldn’t take him there because it was about 30 ,45 minitues away but now probably going to take him this weekend.”

Changing the lives of working families by providing much needed personal transportation.

Wheels of Success has special programs for veterans, domestic violence survivors, and foster children.

Kelly Ring | FOX13