Success Story: Aja

Aja is a single mother of two elementary school-aged children who receives no child support from their father. She has been working for Goodwill Industries for 5 years but was in danger of losing her job at the time she was referred to Wheels of Success. The car she had been making payments on was involved in an accident and was declared a total loss by her insurance carrier. Unfortunately, the insurance pay-out only covered what she still owed on the vehicle, and she did not have funds to purchase another one. Aja and her children live in Largo, but her job is in St. Petersburg—30 minutes away by car and 2 hours by bus (including walking to the bus stop and transfers). Aja told us she “loves her job and wants to continue to work for Goodwill” but her job was at risk because she didn’t have reliable transportation. She said she was “feeling so lost” because was afraid she and her children would also lose their apartment.

Now, Aja is feeling confident again. With the car Aja received on Labor Day, she is able to drive to work and take her children, Julianna and Elijah, to school. She is able to provide for her family and no longer fears homelessness.