Success Story: Amanda

Amanda’s life has changed dramatically since getting the keys to her 2007 Chevy Impala, which she could not have afforded without Wheels for Success. Having a reliable vehicle has allowed Amanda to focus her energies on exceeding in her career instead of how she was going to pay for car repairs. She recently received a promotion, which she attributes to her new less stressful lifestyle and improved reliability at work.

Perhaps the biggest change in her life is her ability to now make choices, which include returning to St. Pete College to complete her Associate degree.

“Before having the car, I was constantly stressed trying to figure out how I was going to get from one place to another and make it to work on time. Now I can choose where I want to live and when I want to go somewhere. I have switched my daughter’s daycare to one with better trained teachers since proximity to my home is no longer the main factor” says Amanda.

But most importantly, Amanda believes she is now able to be a better role model to her daughter. “Before my daughter would always see Mom upset or crying. Now I’m able to be a strong and independent role model for her” shares Amanda.

There is no stopping this young woman now, who now has big plans which include one day obtaining a PhD in Psychology. Amanda puts it best: “This car is just the beginning of a new life”.