Success Story: Emma

In Her Own Words- How a Reliable Vehicle Changed My Life

“The vehicle from Wheels of Success has blessed our family so much. My husband is able to work extra shifts. My 4 year old daughter and I no longer need to cross 60/Brandon Blvd. to make our bus from school to home. She can ride in the car to school, church, museum days, birthday parties, and sleep overs. We no longer have to walk to the grocery store with our stroller or pay for Uber. We can drive to Dr. Appts saving missed time from work. I can stay for late parent teacher conference night’s or meetings and drive home without worrying about how I will get home in the dark.

This week I am signing our daughter up for gymnastics at the YMCA. The YMCA’s in Brandon are not accessible by city bus. Last spring she was also able to do the free swim lessons during spring break. I walked 6 miles one day to get my daughter to and from the YMCA by stroller. The rest of the week I paid for Uber to get her there. This time, it is a joy to be able to drive her to gymnastics class at the YMCA.

Our dog was sick a few weeks ago. We drove to The Humane Society and waited at the clinic for cheaper vet care. Without the car it would have taken all day to ride buses out there and more uncomfortable for our sick dog. Or we would have spent money on Uber. Money we needed for our sick dog.

This car has blessed our family immensely. Thank you.”

– Emma