Success Story: Falana

Falana was referred to Wheels of Success by a Pinellas County official, the result of a phone call she made to ask for help to get a car. As a young adult who had been in THIRTY-SIX foster homes by the time she was eighteen, she had learned from an early age that you have to speak up and ask for what you need.

When Falana’s application was submitted, she was working at Ready for Life as a Youth Specialist, working with the youth and doing administrative tasks. To get to her job, she spent 2.5 hours on 3 buses, but she was grateful for her job, so she did what she had to do.

Since receiving a car from Wheels of Success in November 2014, Falana feels that she is fully independent, she no longer spends hours each day on the bus and doesn’t have to worry whether or not she will make it to work on time. She is in control, of her commute, of her job and of her future.