Success Story: Laura

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to get someone “on the road again.” Laura just needed a little help to make a big difference.

I was referred to Wheels of Success by a temporary staffing agency. I was being offered a permanent job at substantially more money – a 60% pay increase – but my car had broken down and needed repair and I was to start the new job in three days. I live in St. Pete and the job was in Tampa. My husband had suffered a stroke and was going through rehabilitation, so I was the sole breadwinner. After speaking with Wheels, it not only referred me to its repair shop, but also had the car fixed immediately so I could start my new job on time. The auto needed about $600 worth of repair, which might not seem like much, but when your income has been cut in half it can be astronomical. Fortunately, I was able to take the job and am earning enough to pay the entire amount back, and have already started doing so. Without Wheels help I would not have been able to accept the position.

(Editor’s note: And Wheels would not have been able to get the repair done so quickly without the help of its partner, Herman’s Auto on N. Florida Avenue in Tampa.)