Success Story: Linda

Linda learned about WOS through a relative. This proud recipient says, “I previously worked as a concierge, so I have an inquiring mind and a need to know everything possible about a service.” She quickly discovered Wheels’ goals for the community and the fact that she herself was an ideal candidate. In January, The Centre for Women recommended Linda’s situation for consideration, and she indeed was selected for assistance.

Linda’s needs were urgent. She was juggling her own cancer, the challenges of getting to work and doctors’ appointments with no personal transportation, and an elderly parent. Her job as a night auditor required Linda to work from 11:00 pm to 7:00 am. The local bus schedules forced her to take three busses to get to work. Waiting for transportation in remote areas in the dark was not only dangerous and stressful but tiring, especially while Linda was undergoing chemotherapy. Just standing and waiting for her busses was draining.

“You know,” she shared, “When doctors find out you have cancer, they send you to specialists. You have to keep up with them and get to your MRI and CAT scans on time. It’s hard to get across town in all kinds of weather using the bus system…especially when you are sick. Worst of all was knowing that the bus and cab fare spent in two weeks was enough for a car note.”

Once notified of her selection, Linda prayed very specifically for a Honda Prelude. She refers to the WOS staff who presented her with a 1997 green Prelude in April as angels from heaven. Linda is proud when people admire and offer to buy her car. “I wouldn’t sell it for a million dollars,” she says. “I can travel to work and doctors’ appointments safely. My Mom and I can do things. This car was everything I prayed for and more; it’s a blessing.”