Success Story: Mareyame

Mareyame and her 3-year-old son, Cameron, had to start their lives over after Mareyame’s boyfriend was killed last year. They moved to a new apartment and Mareyame found a job with Easter Seals, but without her own car, Mareyame was having trouble getting her son to daycare and herself to work on time. In spite of her employer’s notes that Mareyame is “reliable, trustworthy and a hard worker,” Mareyame felt her job might be in jeopardy because of her lack of reliable transportation.

Since receiving her car, Mareyame and Cameron are enjoying life again. Not only is she feeling secure in her job, Mareyame enrolled Cameron in a better-quality daycare center (not within walking distance) and is able to enjoy quality time with him on the weekends, going to the park and to Chuck E. Cheese.