Success Story: Tannia

On the Road to Independence
Three Agencies Partner with Wheels of Success to Provide the Means for Independence

According to The Spring’s website, “With the appropriate tools, victims can become survivors and live safe, prosperous lives.” One of the tools of independence is having reliable transportation. Very often, abusers exert control over their victims by denying them access to basic resources, like a car. This makes it is difficult for women to leave abusive situations and they often return to their abusers because they feel they have no other choice.

When “Tannia” (whose name has been changed in this story to protect her privacy) was referred to WOS just over one year ago, she was in a troubled and violent marriage. For her safety and the safety of her small child, she knew she had to leave her abusive husband but this also meant leaving behind her home and most of her possessions.
Tannia sought assistance from the Family Justice Center, The Spring of Tampa Bay and Bay Area Legal Services. These three local social service agencies helped her start over, including securing employment and providing shelter and legal advice.

Wheels of Success then provided Tannia with the final key to her independence with a “new to her” car at our inaugural Biggest Aquarian Birthday Bash, and after successfully completed the WOS program, Tannia was presented with her vehicle’s title one year later.
Because of the help she received, as well as her strong work ethic and determination to make it on her own, Tannia’s life has changed dramatically over the past year. Her car has provided her with the means to get her daughter to preschool and speech therapy on time, and she has been promoted three times this year–including her latest promotion to a management position.

Most importantly, Tannia is no longer dependent upon her former abuser for transportation, so she has not been tempted to return to him as so many others in her situation do. Her vehicle has been a key component in stopping the cycle of abuse.