Success Story: Tasha

Wheels of Success has made me a success! After coming to Tampa from last year’s hurricanes, as if starting a new life wasn’t hard enough, my car broke down beyond repair. For nearly a year, my son and I took the bus to work and day care, leaving us to struggle with what were supposed to be simple things. Being a loan officer, networking is required and I was on the verge of termination for not meeting my quotas.

My breaking point was in the summer. It rained everyday. Standing on the side of the street with the most patient two year old I could ask for, I realized it was time to seek help. One call after another I began my journey and came across Wheels of Success through a referral from The Salvation Army (it receives car donations, but does not give them out). Three days after filling out my online application, an angel touched my phone. On the other end was the most empathetic woman I’ve ever met, Susan Jacobs.

After the qualification process she took me to get insurance/registration. She put me in a safe, comfortable 1995 Jeep. Not only did it come with a 30 day warranty, but last week I received a AAA card. Grocery shopping and going to work are no longer a struggle. I’m free, not confined to city transportation, hot sun or sudden thunderstorms.

I’m finally able to present myself as an equal to others in my profession thanks to Wheels of Success. You’ve changed my life, a complete 360 … Thank You, Susan. You‚re an inspiration and mentor. The world needs more people like you.