Success Story: The Walshes

ONE FAMILY’S STORY: Getting a Jump Start After a Stall

Helping a Family of 6 Make it through Unexpected Job Losses and Homelessness

A year ago, the Walshes were living the typical suburban life. They were a two-income, two-car family living in a comfortable, affordable home. Life was hectic and happy with their four school-aged boys.

The Walshes could have been your next-door neighbors.

The current downturn in the economy has affected many families, but because both parents are educated and held steady jobs for several years with the same employers, they never expected the recession to hit home. They never expected to both be laid off from their jobs. They never expected to lose one of their cars. They never expected to be homeless.

Thankfully, another family opened up their home to the Walshes until they could get back on their feet. Thinking this would be a short term arrangement—and desperate to keep a sense of normalcy for their sons–they gratefully accepted the offer. Adding a family of six to an already full household would strain even the strongest relationships. Still, their friends have been gracious enough to share their home for the past six months.

Because of circumstances beyond their control, life for the Walsh family changed dramatically last year, but because of the kindness of friends and strangers, their lives are about to change dramatically again—this time for the better.

Both parents have recently secured employment. The social service agency Starting Right, Now has arranged for a home for the family, and they will move in on February 1. The Walshes are also excited to be receiving the keys to a 2000 Ford Windstar, donated to Wheels of Success by a good Samaritan. The van is perfect for their large family and will allow both parents to get to work, get their boys to school–and get on with the process of rebuilding their lives.