Success Story: Tory

Dedication, Hard Work and Wheels
Success Story Donna

Tory through her dedication and hard work has completed our 1 year program by making her monthly $125 payments and volunteer hours. Now Tory has earned the title to her “New to Her” 2009 Toyota Camry donated by State Farm that is still running strong.

When Tory received her vehicle from Wheels of Success it was not just about getting to work but also the ability to see her sons who did not live with her. She is a hard worker and has always been, never missing a day of work despite previously relying on public transportation. Along with her fierce determination to succeed, her vehicle is her primary Key to Success. Having a reliable vehicle enabled her to advance in her career; she is now a fully licensed insurance agent working for one of Tampa’s top agencies and doing well. Her 2009 Toyota Camry also grew her relationship with her sons. Thanks to her Wheels she is able not only able to visit them, she can also take them places and spend quality time with them.