Testimonial: Allison Casper Adams

To Whom I May Concern:

In 2006 Caspers Company entered into a partnership with Wheels of Success. We recognized the important significance reliable transportation plays in the lives of our employees. Our goal was to promote Wheels of Success by referring employees in need to this nonprofit agency.

Our initial donation was $5,000. Wheels of Success was able to help 6 of our employees secure reliable transportation with in a few months. As a result, these employees were promoted to better positions within the company. The program was so successful and word spread so rapidly within our organization, that we made another donation of $5,000 in the 3rd quarter. To date, at least 10 employees have benefited from this wonderful organization. The partnership has far exceeded our expectations.

In addition to the monetary donations, we have also supported Wheels of Success with in kind donations for several fundraising events in the past few years.

We intend to continue to support them in their fundraising and with in kind donations. In addition, we are also looking into donating used cars from our company’s fleet within the next 2 years.

Allison Casper Adams – Caspers Company