Testimonial: Beth Montalvo

It is with firsthand, personal experience that I write of Wheels of Success being a “driving force” for my family. I am a single mother whose only source of income is a full-time position with another non-profit organization in Tampa. I had a car with over 230,000 miles on it and was planning to sell it this past spring when the camshaft seal broke, motor mounts broke, the transmission was going out as there was NO reverse gear, and the water pump went out all within a short period of time. I spent over $1000 on parts alone trying to keep transportation for my family. Although I had never heard of Wheels of Success, I got a referral to them, filled out their on-line application in a matter of minutes, as their websit is very user-friendly. My prayers were answered when the referral to Wheels turned my transportation woes into the reality of becoming the proud owner of the newest and nicest vehicle I’ve ever owned! Within a month Susan Jacobs had transferred the title of a 1999 Grand Am SE to me and I met the requirement of getting full coverage insurance transferred from my old car to the new one. Susan even drove me to the tag office where I signed over my title to Wheels, donating a car that it has since been determined to be “fixable” once Wheels of Success raises the funds for the repair. Knowing that I contributed to help another family get “on the road again” makes me not just the “needy” but affords me the priceless, precious opportunity to become a giver and one who contributes to keeping the “pay it forward” philosophy alive and working. There are not enough words to give the deserved praise to Susan Jacobs, the Board members and all the volunteers who contribute to Wheels of Success. This organization has changed my family’s transportation issues from hopeless and desperate to a situation full of gratitude, hope and drams being fulfilled. My financial obligation is based on ability to pay, making car ownership a reality and not just a dream! Donating a vehicle to “pay it forward” completes the circle, giving me an indescribable feeling of worth in the community and you can’t put a price tag on that!! Thank you to Wheels of Success and Susan Jacobs!

Beth Montalvo – Tampa, FL USA