Testimonial: Dena Zorzos

Working in the staffing industry for almost six years now, I know firsthand how impossible it is to keep employment without reliable transportation. Two of Tampa’s main industries are distribution and manufacturing, both of which require employees to work second shifts. The bus schedule here does not permit them to do this as it does not run past 9:00 in the evening. The employee is able to get to work but not return home; often making them rely on friends or family to pick them up. We have partnered with this organization because we see the fit it has with us and the difference it makes in people’s lives. We hope more companies consider getting on board, making Wheels of Success part of an Employee Assistance Program that saves companies from firing good employees who have transportation issues, and therefore, increasing their bottom line by not wasting valuable resources that have been spent on hiring and training these people.

Dena Zorzos – Tampa, Florida US