Testimonial: Heather Steinfeld

I serve on the board for “Wheels of Success” as the 1st Vice President. I personally have had first hand experience as a child that lived with a single mother that worked 12 hour days, struggling to make ends meet while falling into the trap of having to continually invest money into cars that weren’t fully functional, at mechanic shops that were far less than reputable. The time, effort, and money wasted on fruitless car repairs often lead functional, competent, working adults down a one-way street to unemployment, welfare and feelings of despair. With the help of the community, these families are able to get “on the road again”, making a successful U-turn in a short amount of time with minimal impact to their families. Our organization works to assist working families with transportation solutions, such as car repairs, vehicle replacement, related licensing services, and car care classes. I can tell you from first hand experience, that a little “help” from your community can go a long way!

Heather Steinfeld – St. Petersburg, FL, USA