Testimonial: Kathleen Rankin

I would like to take this opportunity to share with you the blessing that Susan Jacobs and Wheels of Success has provided for my family. I was feeling very hopeless this past Spring when my van died one more time on the side of the road and I wasn’t sure it could be resuscitated this time. I knew the angels had to be driving right along with us every time that I put my children into my vehicle. I am a single Mom of four children and I didn’t even have the funds to check out the vehicle to see what issue it was encounting this time. I wasn’t sure it was even worth investing any more money into it. I was without transportation for the duration of the summer until my sons heard a radio advertisement for Wheels of Success and wrote down the website. I was certain it was my angel speaking to my sons that afternoon over the airways. I needed to return to my job as an hourly teacher and resume my college courses to get my degree to become an Elementary Teacher. The local mass transit system wasn’t able to get my daughter to before school care and myself to work in the early AM on time. I was finally able to stop spinning my wheels over my transportation issue and get myself on the road to a solution. The current Christmas Season has hearts open to giving, but…Susan Jacobs has a big enough heart that is able to keep giving all year long. I am a nurturing and giving person, and I had to humble myself in order to receive the gift of kindness from Wheels of Success. Susan Jacobs has allowed me my dignity to pay it forward with a hand that goes up and not just a hand out. I am thankful for my angels that help me on the road to my purpose driven life – taking care of children.

Kathleen Rankin – Largo, Florida