Testimonial: Nancy Loomis

What a great need Wheels of Success is filling! As I work with graduates of the Uplift U® — a self-sufficiency program at Metropolitan Ministries, I have used the assistance of Wheels of Success. The services provided address one of the most critical needs that low-income and at-risk people have — transportation. Many, many, hardworking folks are vulnerable to job loss due to poor transportation or no transportation. The problem can be further exacerbated by the inability to pay for needed repairs when a car breaks down. Wheels of Success recently came through in the time of greatest need for one of our graduates. Her van’s transmission became inoperable and the repairs would have been too costly and not worth it for the long run. Because of “Wheels,” she was provided with a reliable vehicle and able to get back to work, support her family and continue with her schooling. She has already made the first, very affordable payment on her “new” car. What an invaluable service Wheels of Success provides. Thank you so much Susan Jacobs and Wheels of Success!

Nancy Loomis – Tampa, FL USA
Community Liaison Metropolitan Ministries Community of Promise