Testimonial: Sandra Maggio

Who knew that a casual meeting with a woman on a mission and a need for me to want to give back to the community would hit so close to home. A phone call from a good friend turned into a cry for financial help — and I felt terrible that I didn’t have the money to help her with her desperate situation. Her only mode of transportation had broken down and they needed $1,800 to fix it or she was going to lose her job and The only source of family income for her family of 4. I quickly realized that Wheels of Success may be able to help. After endless conversations, phone calls, contacts and extensive effort on the Founder Susan Jacobs part — this family was back on the road again within days! And, only weeks later my friend got a promotion and a much needed Raise. Thanks go out to Susan Jacobs and the Wheels volunteers and contributors who could make this happen.

Sandra Maggio – Palm Harbor, Florida USA