Testimonial: Sharon Schur

As a volunteer for a number of community charitable organizations, I am acutely aware of personal transportation’s role in keeping struggling members of our community employed and healthy. I have watched Susan Jacobs work her charitable magic in another organization where her giving spirit, unbridled energy, creativity, and downright “doggedness” in making things happen…makes it happen! I was delighted when Susan turned her attention to this unmet community need. Her seed of an idea has already sprouted and is bearing fruit with the families she has helped. What she needs is more community support to help her very worthy organization spread its roots into a firm community foundation. In her single-minded determination, this one woman is doing what each of us should be doing–helping those struggling to be contributing society members through the self-sufficiency they desire. I say give “Wheels” the engine it needs to be a driving force in our community–support! support! support!!!

Sharon Schur – Tampa, FL, USA