What Some of Our Recipients are Saying

​LaTonya –

Before she picked up the car:
“I thank Wheels of Success so much, this is a true blessing and I’m super excited !!!! Thank you guys so much!!”

After she picked up the car:
“Thank you all so much for this amazing blessing. I am so very happy, I am really going to enjoy my car and take very great care of it!”


Before she picked up the car:
Thank you so much for all your help. We’re very excited!

After she picked up the car:
“Sounds great. I been coming home late from work. Just got a new property and I got 10 homeless families into homes. Thanks to you guys I am now able to travel between both properties and get families in before the holidays”


“Thank you all so very much. My children were so happy when I picked them up from school.”


“I just want to say thank you so much for the car! It has really been such a blessing for me and my girls! We are so happy!”

“My 11 yr old daughter just got accepted into the cheerleading team and only bc I am able to pick her up late after school! It almost has me in tears how special that is to me bc I really want my girls to be able to follow their hearts and be involved in healthy activities so they can develop a healthy sense of who they are!”

“Hello! I was just thinking about you guys! I’m so sorry I have not been in touch sooner! I was planning to text Susan when I got home. I love the car it is doing great! I feel so truly blessed and eternally grateful for you all!”