WTSP: Wheels of Success Helps Families Move Forward

Tampa, Florida — Getting to work everyday would take a lot of extra time if you had to depend on the public bus system.

Local single mom, Paula Holmes, no longer has to ride the bus 6 hours a day to work and school because she just received a car from Wheels of Success.

Wheels of Success is a non profit group that helps local low income families receive cars and other transportation assistance.

Today Wheels of Success held a luncheon fundraiser to honor local business partners and volunteers who make their mission possible.

Businesses honored today include:
-Sponsor of the Year: Caspers Company McDonald’s
-Crew of the Year: Auto Club South
-Driver of the Year: DLT Wholesale
-Community Champion: Altrusa International
-Rookie of the Year: Rent A Wheel
-#1 Fan: Diane Jamai

People who are eligible for the program must be working full time and in need of transportation. A social service agency or business must nominate them.

You can read more by clicking here.

If you’re a business owner who would like to help one of your employees receive a car, or if you want to donate a vehicle, please click here.

Click on the video link to hear Susan Jacobs, Founder & CEO of Wheels of Success, talk about if you’re eligible for a car and how businesses can get involved.

Watch Paula Holme’s story by clicking here.

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