WTSP: “Wheels of Success” Keeps People Driving

Tampa, Florida – Twenty more people are navigating the road this Labor Day. “Wheels of Success” passed out keys to used Toyotas, Chevys, Hondas, and other vehicles.

Shanon Newson, who hasn’t had a car in two years, picked up a Mercedes. “The fact that it has a steering wheel and four wheels and an engine? I would be happy with the Flintstones car,” she said.

The car, along with the others, were donated and then overhauled by Wheels of Success.

The organization was created five years ago and has helped more than 200 people get into a car.

“We get referrals from social services and employers. It is easier to help someone before they loose their job than after,” said Susan Jacobs, the founder of Wheels of Success.

The cars are not free. Every car recipient is asked to make a small payment every month toward the car.

For more information on how to donate a car or nominate a recipient, click here.