WTSP: 11 Families Gifted a New Set of Wheels!

Tampa, Florida– A local organization has given eleven Bay area families a new set of wheels!

“Wheels of Success” is a nonprofit organization that provides transportation solutions for low and moderate-income working individuals.

“I’m ecstatic, it’s the greatest feeling in the world right now,” said Sergeant Brandon Wright, one of the recipients. “I was living with people who would help me out to go to the store, or where I needed to go to my job, [but] it was taxing on them, and I don’t like being a burden.”

Those with the program tell us the recipients’ quality of life changes dramatically once they get a car. It allows them to get to work, and then back home faster to be with family, or to take their kids to the after school activities they’ve always wanted to attend.

“Wheels for success” is a non-profit, and is always looking for car donations that they can either give out., fix up or even use for parts. Those with the means to make a contribution can find more information on the Wheels of Success website.