WTSP: Wheels of Success Gives Away 55 Cars

Tampa, Florida — Labor Day was a good day for Denise Perez.

It’s been one year since the single mother of three has owned a car, but now she’s holding the keys to her own set of wheels thanks to Wheels of Success.

“It will be very helpful for my three kids since I’ve been for a whole year getting a ride from my co-workers. Now I don’t have to walk ,” she smiled, with her daughter at her side.

For the last six years, Wheels of Success has taken in your donated cars, fixed them up, and put them in the hands of local families for a small monthly payment.

While the program is ongoing all year long, the organization teamed up with the Ryan Nece Foundation for the “Get 55 Families on the Road” event on Labor Day.

Thirty-one families received their cars on Monday, with 24 more families receiving their cars very soon.

“I thank God for this. It’s awesome,” smiled Patsy Foster as she sat in her new car.

She says she hasn’t owned a car in five years, so this is a good day, one that will transform her life with a simple turn of a key.

“I’ve been having to catch the bus and all that, but thank God this nightmare is over. Now I have a car and I’ll be able to get to and from work, to and from church. I’m very grateful,” she smiled.

You can donate your vehicle, running or not, to Wheels of Success.

The organization will fix up the vehicle and get it back on the road and into the hands of a low to moderate income family.

Donations are tax deductible. You can also make a cash donation which will go toward repairs of donated vehicles.

Laura Kadechka | WTSP.com