WTSP: Help for Families Who Need a Car

Tarpon Springs, Florida – Every time Linda Bolling gets into her mini-van, she’s reminded how her quickly her life unraveled just after Christmas.

“In January I woke up one day and my van had been repossessed,” she said.

After three major traumatic events in 12-months including a failed marriage and the death of her father, Linda’s finances were at rock bottom.

“I wouldn’t have been able to keep my job if I didn’t have a way to get here.”

Linda only lives about 8 miles from the office, but hitching a ride everyday wasn’t an option especially with 3 kids to support.

She turned to the computer.

“I just started typing in ‘vehicle assistance’, ‘transportation assistance’ and one way or another I ended up finding the wheels website,” Linda said.

That’s when she turned to the “Wheels of Success” program.

“Wheels of Success” helps working families get reliable cars. Linda had to sign a contract and pays a small fee every month for a year. She got her new car two weeks later.

Like all clients, Linda also has to devote five hours a month volunteering with the organization helping other families find their way.

“It was truly an answer to prayer,” she said.

It’s nothing fancy and it’s not brand new, but the mini-van and “Wheels of Success” got Linda and her kids back on track.

“Wheels of Success” wants to help 50-families get on the road again on Labor Day – so they are asking for your help. Donations: free cars, parts, tires, even mechanics to provide repairs.

It doesn’t even matter if the vehicle runs they will take it and make sure it gets fixed and gets to the right family.

To submit the name of an employee for consideration, employers should visit the organization’s website and click on the red box that reads “I Need Help”. That’s where you can fill out of the “Client Referral by Employer application.