Success Story: Honor

After losing her home, Honor moved to Florida to start over to make a better life for herself and her three daughters. She was offered a good job with a pharmaceutical company, but it was on the opposite side of town. Because she did not have a car, Honor struggled to make it to work each day by walking in the dark in an unsafe area of town to catch two different buses each way. She had to leave before her kids got up in the morning and got home after they went to bed most nights. She was grateful to have her mother in Tampa to help, but she was still really struggling when she was referred to Wheels of Success in December.

That’s when our “voice,” Jack Harris, challenged his 970 WFLA radio audience to donate a car to Wheels—and Toyota of Tampa Bay quickly answered the call and gave Honor and her girls the best early Christmas gift they could imagine: a “new to them” Toyota Corolla. Honor is very grateful to everyone involved, saying, “This was really a blessing from Toyota of Tampa Bay, Wheels of Success and Mr. Harris, who made it happen so fast.”