Success Story: Megal

Megal Gets His Keys: Vehicles for Veterans Recipient
Success Story Donna

Megal left the United States Army as a field artillery crew member after serving a tour in Afghanistan and a tour in Iraq. Initially, Megal moved to Colorado to be with his family. Since his car had broken down, he left it in Colorado and moved to Atlanta to support his wife and two boys while working at a manufacturing plant. He and his wife shared a vehicle until the plant closed, his wife left for Florida with the car and he was homeless. Though it took a while, Megal made it to Florida to be the Dad his children needed.

The Homeless Veteran Association HUD/VASH placed Megal in a home so he could stay off of the streets. Megal found employment as an electrical apprentice and began studying to be a barber under the GI Bill. His current employment requires a 1.5 hour bus commute each way though the job is only 15-20 from his home by car; that’s a long commute for a man who wants to be there for his kids. When the agency referred Megal to Wheels, he knew he had to pay the high DMV impact fees necessary to get his Florida driver license so he could qualify for the program. Megal made it happen we will be presenting him with a 2009 Toyota Camry Hybrid from State Farm, their 30th vehicle, so he can spend more time with his nine and four-year old sons. Megal will be able to spend time watching his nine-year-old play sports and his younger son’s school activities instead of watching the bus stops pass by. For their first adventure , Megal plans on taking his boys to the beach ” after having travelled all over” and being a “huge swimmer” it is hard to be “so close to the beach but can’t get there”.