Testimonial: Jonathon Vanden

To whom it may concern:

I have found The Wheels of Success’s mission to be a well implemented one. All too often, the Not for Profit realm is convoluted by organizations with a poor utility for implementing there mission. Perhaps because of financial reasoning, reasoning bore out of a need to cater to the demands and rigors of multiple funders. In my field, such reasoning can be quite tragic. I work for a domestic violence organization who works very closely with The Wheels of Success. While working with The Wheels of Success, I have seen first hand how large of an impact this small up and coming Not for Profit can make. You see, domestic violence is connected to financial conditions. As such, individuals in domestic violence relationships often stay in them because of financial strain. Further, in a city like Tampa, a city with unreliable public transit, the simplest task can become very difficult. Whether it be taking your child to school, or going to the grocery; in Tampa, such tasks can be time consuming. Particularly, if one is dependent on public transportation. Again, another reason that individuals may endure abusive relationships, as their significant other may own transportation which they share. As stated earlier, I have witnessed the impact of The Wheels of Success. I have seen a mother and her dependents receive a chance to break away from the cycle of violence. How, you might ask, by simply gaining affordable reliable transportation. Reliable transportation, something so many of us take for granted. We don’t realize how empowered we are by or personal vehicles. A mother can now transport her children to and from school, as well as transport herself to and from work. She can now work a full day, spend less money on daycare, and spend more money on housing and food. For those skeptics, try it. Take a bus for the day, a full day. Attempt your daily routine without your car. Experience how difficult it can be to maintain a productive day. Point, The Wheels of Success follows through with what it sets out to do. For those of you who have had the pleasure of meeting Susan Jacobs, you truly know the meaning of determination. The Wheels of Success is built on that concept, the concept of determination, determination to help those in need. I have yet to see The Wheels of Success loose sight of that.

Jonathan Vanden – Tampa, Florida U.S.A.