Testimonial: Nancy Loomis

What a great need Wheels of Success is filling! As I work with graduates of the Uplift U® — a self-sufficiency program at Metropolitan Ministries, I have used the assistance of Wheels of Success.

Testimonial: Kathleen Rankin

I would like to take this opportunity to share with you the blessing that Susan Jacobs and Wheels of Success has provided for my family.

Testimonial: Mark Fitzgerald

The beautiful thing about Wheels of Success is that it’s not about helping people on whom we have given up. It’s about enabling people to move past obstacles and regain productivity. It’s not just a handout.

Testimonial: Dena Zorzos

Working in the staffing industry for almost six years now, I know firsthand how impossible it is to keep employment without reliable transportation.

Testimonial: Jonathan Vanden

I have found The Wheels of Success’s mission to be a well implemented one. All too often, the Not for Profit realm is convoluted by organizations with a poor utility for implementing there mission.