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Testimonial: Alisa Jenkins

I’ve followed Wheels of Success since its inception and have witnessed the tremendous impact it has on families in need. Susan Jacobs’ vision and drive changes lives.

Testimonial: Tampa Connection

Wheels of Success is such a worthwhile organization for those in need of car care services. Tampa Connection, a leadership group, chose Wheels of Success as one of its projects for the 2004-2005 year.

Testimonial: Beth Montalvo

It is with firsthand, personal experience that I write of Wheels of Success being a “driving force” for my family. I am a single mother whose only source of income is a full-time position with another non-profit organization in Tampa.

Testimonial: Nancy Loomis

What a great need Wheels of Success is filling! As I work with graduates of the Uplift U® — a self-sufficiency program at Metropolitan Ministries, I have used the assistance of Wheels of Success.

Testimonial: Kathleen Rankin

I would like to take this opportunity to share with you the blessing that Susan Jacobs and Wheels of Success has provided for my family.

Testimonial: Mark Fitzgerald

The beautiful thing about Wheels of Success is that it’s not about helping people on whom we have given up. It’s about enabling people to move past obstacles and regain productivity. It’s not just a handout.

Testimonial: Dena Zorzos

Working in the staffing industry for almost six years now, I know firsthand how impossible it is to keep employment without reliable transportation.

Testimonial: Jonathan Vanden

I have found The Wheels of Success’s mission to be a well implemented one. All too often, the Not for Profit realm is convoluted by organizations with a poor utility for implementing there mission.

Success Story: Carlos

Success Story: Carlos

Success Story: CarlosCarlos is a strong, proud man--proud of his wife and two children, proud of his job with the St....

Success Story: Tannia

Success Story: Tannia On the Road to IndependenceThree Agencies Partner with Wheels of Success to Provide the Means...

Success Story: Keisha

Success Story: Keisha

Success Story: KeishaThe Keys to a Brighter FutureStarting Right, Now and Wheels of Success Help with a Home, a Job, a...

Success Story: Maritza

Success Story: Maritza

Success Story: MaritzaWhen Maritza made the decision to end an abusive relationship, she needed to leave quickly to...